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The Seventy-four Ranch is the lifelong dream of Larry Butler and his wife, Pam. Both have a love of animals and history that they enjoy sharing with friends and guests. They have created the Ranch so you can get up close and personal with nature and the way cowboys lived over 100 years ago. Come sit on the back porch and allow Pam and Larry to mesmerize you with the history of their ranch and home.

Larry Butler was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from North Georgia College in 1969, and then went on to graduate from Emory University School of Law in 1975. He served as an artillery officer and battery commander in the Army for three years.

Larry is a firefighter in the Hinton Volunteer Fire Department (Station 6) and a member of the Jasper Rotary Club.

Larry is President of the Appalachian Children’s Emergency Shelter (ACES) and is steadfastly committed to creating and maintaining a haven for children most in need of loving and tender care. 

Larry and his wife, Pam, own and manage the Seventy-Four Ranch, an American Quarter Horse and Corriente cattle breeding and training operation and guest ranch in Pickens County.

Pam is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from Southern Methodist University with honors, and has been a journalist for many years.

Pam is currently writing a children's book about Annabelle, the orphan cow at Seventy-Four Ranch that Pam and Larry have been bottle feeding. You can see pictures of Annabelle on our blog.

Pam has a flower garden that has been blooming all summer long. Fresh flowers are arranged in rustic containers or crystal vases and placed in all guest rooms and also in the downstairs rooms of the Butler-Cape House.  Pam has nurtured several varieties of roses, including some large ramblers that grow over the fences.  Pam also enjoys using fresh produce from her garden to create tantalizing meals for her guests. All summer long the vegetable garden has been producing two varieties of delicious tomatoes, as well as peppers and herbs.

Our foreman, Menny, is a cowboy and horse trainer from Chihuahua, Mexico. Menny handles all the stock on the ranch and also gives lessons and leads trail rides. You'll be amazed watching Menny ride and rope - it is very exciting watching him rope cattle off his horse. Menny stays busy keeping everything on the ranch running smoothly and keeping an eye on all the stock.  Come and meet Menny and see what it takes to run a ranch.


Menny also does something not many people can do - he gets his horse to lay down, then sits on him, and finally he tells his horse to stand up while he remains balanced on his back.

This is a very useful skill out on the range when an injury might stop a cowboy from getting back on his horse.  Be sure to ask Menny to show you this amazing sight.

Our ranch hand is a likeable cowboy named Junior. You'll find Junior saddling and riding and helping Menny with all the ranch chores. Guests naturally like Junior's fun and friendly manner as he takes them out in Old Blue to see the cattle and horses or to play in Big Scarecorn Creek.

Junior has lots of experience taking people on trail rides and helping beginners feel comfortable their first time in the saddle.

In the summer we enjoy the company of interns such as April, who has helped us with the horses. April lives in Florida but spends her summers in Georgia and loves spending time with all the horses.

April took many of the photographs of our horses - a job she thoroughly enjoyed.


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The Seventy-four Ranch is the most unique bed and breakfast in North Georgia featuring the Old West ranch experience in wide open spaces for families, children, and couples to enjoy with genuine cowboys, trail rides, cookouts, campfires, boating, fishing, cattle, baby animals and much more in an authentic historic setting filled with beautiful antiques. Please contact us with any questions. We'd love to have you!